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How can I return all of the vectors in my index?

How can I return all of the vectors in my index?



  • Bill Mccrary

    Is there any visibility into this feature on the roadmap?  We're currently exploring which vector database to use for long term production, and this inability to select * in any way is a major con for pinecone.

  • Cory Waddingham

    Hi Bill,

    This is definitely on our roadmap, but it's dependent on some other features being released first, so we can't say for sure when it will be available. Hopefully later this year.


  • Pedro Castelo

    Is there any way at least to export only the vector ids? What I need is to transverse my complete index to update one metadata attribute of every single vector. My Index has more than 10.000, so the "index.query" method is no option for me as it limits to 10.000! Is there any trick so I can "cheat" and make the index.query return all vector ids? If I have this, then I can separately make a single update operation for each id that I previously obtained...


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